[Devel] Planetary alignment

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Mon Jan 19 15:30:26 EST 2004

<quote who="Scott James Remnant">

> Yay, we have a list, thanks Thom, you rock :-)

Yaay! :-)

> patch-15
> 	* For those feeds lacking full date and time information for
> 	  their entries we maintain a "time cache".  Basically for
> 	  each entry seen, we record the time we first saw it, and use
> 	  that.
> 	  (watch out the first time you run with this, it'll "first see"
> 	   every new entry of a feed without dates or times, and stick
> 	   them all at the top.  Best to run it first with the output
> 	   somewhere else, then edit cache/*,times and fix them up.)

Ah, rocking. Zach Beane sent me a really seedy patch for this, but you've
done it just how I was hoping to. Hurrah for sleep-hack-planet-revolving.

> patch-16, patch-17
> 	* These fix a bug-fix in feedparser -- it doesn't remove the
> 	  namespace prefix from elements inside an Atom content tag.

Heh, saw that on planet debian.

> Also the following change from my codebase still hasn't been merged to
> Jeff's, it makes it use the site's unique id for the guid rather than
> the link (which planetlib makes safe to do):

Yeah, just hadn't committed yet. We should be synced pretty well now.

- Jeff

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