[Devel] categories

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Sun May 23 16:51:28 EST 2004

begin  Frédéric Crozat  quotation:
> Just add 
> keyword = (gnome OR kde) NOT sucks
> in each feed configuration.

	Does this syntax really work?  For example, I planet
boingboing in my laziness feed, but I can't stand all the photoshop
contests and blither about the atkins diet (well, there's more, but
that's the easiest to pinpoint now).

	So I tried:

keyword = NOT (worth1000 OR atkins OR carb)

	And ended up with the iso8859 calamity you saw me babble about
recently.  Looking in the code, it seems more like it's just a dumb
list of keywords.  I'm using
jdub at perkypants.org--projects/planet--devel--0.0--patch-57 at the

So are you an honest-to-cripes Atkins dieter with the        Nick Moffitt
little urine test strips and the blood analysis and the     nick at zork.net
"better living through diabetes" rhetoric, or are you
just some ranchero wannabe who hates salads?

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