[Devel] Page goes blank after update

Harish Narayanan harish at gamebox.net
Thu May 27 09:04:36 EST 2004

Jason Kersey wrote:

> I've installed this on a server at Mozillazine - 
> http://feedhouse.mozillazine.org, but frequently notice that the page 
> goes blank following an update.

Yes, I've noticed this in the past. Are you using a fairly recent 
version of planet?, because that fixed the problem for me. There were 
some websites whose feeds planet had difficulty parsing (it had 
something to do with the charset) and it used to fail. Now I think it 
issues warnings but continues.

Grab the latest version from arch, and things should be better. Or 
probably tweak your incoming feeds.

Hope this helps.

Harish | http://wahgnube.org/

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