[Devel] New features?

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Mon Oct 11 17:54:39 EST 2004

<quote who="Mary Gardiner">

> Speaking of logging in in a way though would work with a cron job tool,
> it would be good to be able to log into feeds protected by HTTP Basic
> Auth. (I have some planets hidden behind HTTP Basic Auth myself, so I'm
> not intending to use this feature to republish people's private feeds in
> a Googlable way!)

Oooh, that doesn't just work? Crapola.`

> I'd add this features to my branch, but suddenly it has a 95% conflict
> with upstream that arch wants me to merge by hand. (The reason I have a
> branch is for three features: ability to detect if planet has changed
> since last update; ability to generate new pages only if this is so; and
> ability to ping technorati etc if this is so.)

If you're attempting to merge against Scott's 1.0 version, that probably
won't work, because it's 95% different again. ;-) I promise that if you
refactor your changes, I'll merge them in superfast. :-)

- Jeff

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