[Devel] New features?

Danilo Segan dsegan at gmx.net
Mon Oct 11 18:58:45 EST 2004

Today at 7:45, Ben Scent wrote:

> * Groups
> Is there any way to group feeds together, and have different Planet
> pages generated for the different groups--or would I need to use two
> different installations for that? I would like to create an aggregator
> for blogs related to my college. I want one page to show entries by
> current undergraduates, one to show just alums' blogs, and one to show
> all the talk from both communities.

Create several configuration files.  One, which contains only
undergraduate blogs, other with alums', and third which lists two
PlanetPlanet outputs produced by above
(eg. [http://here/ug/rss20.xml] and [http://here/alum/rss20.xml] as
only entries).  So, you won't have to maintain several lists of


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