[Devel] category support

Sita-pati das sitapati at worldsankirtan.net
Sun Oct 31 07:57:01 EST 2004

seth vidal wrote:

>Hi folks,
> anyone working on category support in planet planet?
>so I could retrieve blogs based on the <category> rss tag or the
>equivalent in atom, etc?
>it'd be nice to have:
>name=some guy
>category="some guy diary"
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>Devel at lists.planetplanet.org
I've done this. Importation of selected categories from feeds.

I took it a little further and added a sections property to the planet 
by creating a new subclass "ezine". There is category to section mapping 
in the configuration file.

You can see my planet here: http://www.worldsankirtan.net and the output 
of my ezine code here: http://www.worldsankirtan.net/ezine/archives/2.html.

I have been keeping track of what I am doing here: 

I was going to make it super compatible with Planet Planet, but I'm not 
sure how far I've gone off track here.

The code is a bit rough and I'm still working it, but you are welcome to it.


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