[Devel] Another question re feedparser

Mary Gardiner mary-planet at puzzling.org
Wed Jun 1 11:21:27 EST 2005

I get something like one complaint a week about LinuxChix Live which
goes like this:

 Complaint: Your RSS feed is not valid XML

 Response: Yep, one of the feeds I pull in used an unescaped & in the


 Complaint: You don't declare a doctype! Have you heard about XHTML
	    [it's always bloody XHTML they want, the hardest one to make
	    people conform to], it's amazing! All you'd have to do is
	    run your page through this validator every hour!

 Response: I'm not interested in complaining to the writers every time
           one of them uses HTML 2 in their entry.

Do other people get these? Are there Planet/feedparser hacks to do
cleaning of the feeds or do you just let them go?


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