[Devel] bug with atom.xml?

adewale oshineye adewale at gmail.com
Sat May 21 07:58:44 EST 2005

It's a little more complicated than that. If you visit
http://planetplanet.org/ you'll see that there's 3
repositories/branches. The repository/branch named
scott at netsplit.com--2004/planet--devel--1.0 uses the latest version of
FeedParser and so doesn't have this problem with atom feeds that
contain xhtml.

Give that version a try to see if it resolves your problem.

On 5/14/05, Jason Vagner <jason_vagner at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Can I just get a clarification? There's a problem with feedparser that
> prevents planetplanet from reading some atom.xml files, right?
> Particularly for blogger atom feeds?
> Are there any alternatives to scripts like this one could use then? I
> take it this bug has been existant for a while and has not really been
> resolved.
> Thanks.
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