1.0 vs. new features [Was: Limit Posting Length]

Sam Ruby rubys at intertwingly.net
Thu Jun 8 02:12:00 EST 2006

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Sam Ruby">
>> *****************************************************************
>> * Note to Jeff: please release a Planet 1.0 ASAP so that we can *
>> * begin collaborating on features such as these.  Thank you.    *
>> *****************************************************************
> It's not so much 1.0 in the way of collaborating on these, as available
> bandwidth and lack of separate branches. There are features I'd take on
> trunk immediately if they were separated out, but I don't want to do it
> revision-by-revision (aside from a few well-defined fixes here and there).

I'm certainly not blocked.  ;-)

> For instance, the reading list and server features are cool, but I'm not
> fully convinced by some of the implementation details. I'd shy away from
> pulling feedparser pre-releases, but you're maintaining it, so I'm less
> concerned. A good feed-truncation feature/option probably wouldn't be too
> controversial, though (on trunk, at least).
> I'll dig right in on the tough stuff once 1.0 is out, but in the mean time,
> separate feature branches would make the simple stuff much easier to pull
> in. With bzr, branches are easy and non-scary! :-)

As far as I'm concerned, I'm publishing a branch that I'm maintaining 
and at least one other user depending on at this point.  I'm writing 
test cases now for truncation, and imagine others may be interested in 
pulling from my branch once that is integrated.  It may take a few 
cycles with real people working with live data to work out the kinks.  I 
wouldn't hold up the release for it.

Meanwhile, feel free to list my branch on Planet Planet.  Feel free to 
put whatever scary label you like on it.  My branch includes 
BeautifulSoup which is required for proper XHTML/MathML support.  It 
also prereqs Python 2.2.

As this is an all volunteer effort where schedules are unpredictable, 
I'm not interested in proactively investing the time to split out 
features into separate branches.  I will, however, retroactively split 
out and/or merge with the official trunk as conditions merit it.  I 
believe that I have demonstrated that on a number of occasions by now.

- Sam Ruby

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