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Minh Nguyen mxn at
Thu Mar 2 11:12:14 EST 2006

For me, the issue isn't only that the page gets too long, but also that 
the page gets too large and takes far too long to load. Hiding the text 
via CSS doesn't solve the latter issue; it has to be done on the 
server-side. I read somewhere that a major problem with clipping entries 
is that you might cut off the entry mid-character (especially a problem 
with scripts like Chinese) and thus mangle the rest of the page.

Is there perhaps an installable Python package that can handle stuff 
like this for us?

Tony Hill wrote:
> I use a CSS hack to accomplish this.  By wrapping each post in a div or li, and then setting a max-height for that element (along with overflow:hidden) posts are limited to how much size they can take up on the page.
> Admittedly, this is a crude hack which accomplishes my goal of limiting the page length.  It has one big drawback.  Depending on the html elements in each feed, the post may not be clipped evenly on a line break.
> Tony
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