Feed for multiple planets?

Sam Ruby rubys at intertwingly.net
Tue Nov 7 21:32:25 EST 2006

Todd Slater wrote:
> I'm using a recent nightly version of planetplanet. I'll be setting up
> various planets, with a structure like
> http://domain.com/planets/planet1, http://domain.com/planets/planet2
> etc.
> Basically I got the config.ini set up the way I like, and have been
> copying it to create other planets, just modifying the feeds.
> The alternative link for the feed for each of the planets, however,
> points to http://domain.com/planets/atom.xml. I of course want it to
> point to http://domain.com/planets/planet1/atom.xml.
> I attempted to create a php template (by copying
> examples/fancy/index.html.tmpl to index.php.tmpl) so I could get the
> path the the current directory, but ran into problems I assume having
> to do with the index.html.tmplc file, which I couldn't figure out how
> to edit.

Simply delete the tmplc file, it will be regenerated automatically.

> Is there a way to specify the path to the alternate link so that it
> points to the atom or rss file in the proper directory?

Before trying anything more fancy, go back to straight html, and change 
your link in your config.ini from http://domain.com/planets/planet1 to 
http://domain.com/planets/planet1/ (note the trailing slash).

> Thanks,
> Todd

- Sam Ruby

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