Venus bug? Weird behavior with missing channel_link and channel_title_plain etc

David L. Sifry dsifry at
Wed Oct 11 13:48:00 EST 2006

Awesome, that fixed that problem.

Here's a strange one, though.  Here's the feed:

That's a Google News Atom 0.3 feed (I don't think they produce an Atom 
1.0 feed yet) and seems to think that there are no new items 
in 90 days (even though clearly there are)...

Any ideas?


Sam Ruby wrote:
> David L. Sifry wrote:
>> I'm scratching my head.  If I add the following feed to a venus-based 
>> planet, I lose information on things like the channel_link, 
>> channel_title, channel_name in my .tmpl files.  Here's the feed:
>> Shouldn't channel_* take info from the <channel> element in the RSS 
>> feed? Venus seems to lose that info in any items after the first 
>> item.  I can give you config.ini files where this bug is easily 
>> reproducable...
> RSS items that contained source elements confused
> Test case added and problem fixed.
> Thanks!
> - Sam Ruby

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