many problems with Beta Blogger

Sam Ruby rubys at
Wed Oct 18 21:08:46 EST 2006

Velonis Petros wrote:
> Στις 16-10-2006, ημέρα Δευ, και ώρα 18:55 -0400, ο/η Sam Ruby έγραψε:
> ...snip...
>> It looks to me like it is having problems with the following feed:
>> This feed was not produced by the beta blogger, but the problem with 
>> this feed can be worked around by putting the following into your 
>> config.ini in the section for this particular feed:
>>    summary_type=text/html
> I did this change and as you can see in
> there is no difference. 
> I don't agree think that feedburner
> ( is having the problems
> because a) I added in the config.ini what you suggested and then b) I
> changed the source of feedburner to (an
> ATOM XML feed) and there were no problems with tags like <br/> . I say
> that because if you check now you will see
> many br tags (I changed the source of feedburner back to Beta Blogger). 
> The only problem was that planetplanet couldn't understand that the
> posts from feed were not on the same day.
> I must say that feedburner is used because planetplanet couldn't read
> ATOM.XML feeds. Does version 2 read the ATOM feeds?

I had assumed that you were using Planet version 2.0.  Prior versions of 
planet did not support summary_type overrides.

Planet version 2.0 can definitely handle Atom feeds:

The Venus branch being actively developed has much improved support for 
content that is not well formed.  I doubt that it is necessary in this 
instance, but you are welcome to try it too:

- Sam Ruby

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