Modify 'summary' template

Sam Ruby rubys at
Thu Aug 23 23:07:25 EST 2007

Guillermo Latorre wrote:
> Hello,
> this is my first mail to the list.
> I have recentrly downloaded Planet-2.0 and now I am trying to install
> and configure it for my personal project.
> I have seen the 'summary' tag for displaying only the title and a few
> words of each post published in the Planet. Now, I want to modify that
> tag, I want to change that number of words which are shown in "summary
> mode".
> I am reading the python code and don't see anything about it. I am
> newbie in Python language and maybe don't see it and it's in fornto of
> my eyes...
> Can you help me, please?
> Thank you very much.

Try Venus with an excerpt filter.  A few pointers to get you started:

Here's a live example (before and after):

- Sam Ruby

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