Excerpt Filter Errors

Dr. Awab Alvi drawab at cyber.net.pk
Mon Jan 29 23:29:37 EST 2007

I am sorry to bug you again as my search through the Venus Developmental 
lists basically leave me confused and unsure of what needs to be done.
I am using the classic_fancy template for a blog aggregator located at 
http://bloggers.pk and have been having a problem displaying the posts 
using the Excerpt filter presently I am using the following lines

# filters to be run
filters = excerpt.py
# filter parameters
omit = none
width = 1000

occasionally i have even removed all OMIT tags to see if that throws the 
feed off,  but on some feeds there is a proper excerpt while on som 
absolutely no text that appears on the site but it is definitely being 
fetched if you look at the FULL feeds available at 
http://bloggers.pk/rss20.xml  so I remain puzzled as to whats up?

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