Venus cache expunge

Darren Chamberlain dlc at
Sat Mar 3 03:57:23 EST 2007

On 3/2/07, Morten Frederiksen <morten at> wrote:
> On 3/2/07, Darren Chamberlain <dlc at> wrote:
> > My gut tells me that when a feed is updated, cache files that
> > correspond to items that are currently in that feed should be touched.
> >  Then the find will do the right thing.  You could probably even use
> > an mtime of 1, since any current item (in the feed) will have been
> > touched the last time the spider ran.
> Ouch, that would really hurt anything depending on the fact, that the
> mtime currently corresponds to the atom:updated of each entry.
> Example: My WordPress/Venus integration plugin scans the cache
> directory for changed files, that just wouldn't work anymore:

Fair enough.

> I hope this is not a change that will go into Venus, in fact I'll
> check for a test case against this, and create it if doesn't exist
> already.

No need to start coding defensively, it was just a suggestion.  :)


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