different feed sources in the same template ( was Re: how to get the last n planet entries)

Michel Klijmij michel at klijmij.net
Sat Mar 10 00:02:29 EST 2007

Op vrijdag 09-03-2007 om 10:37 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Pau Arumi:
> and now i want to add the "last planet blogs" box. the problem is
> that the news and planet feeds are different. and i'm also using
> two different config.ini files.
> i think planet can not do this directly. i'm thinking about two
> options:
> 1) using frames to keep two different html pages
> 2) building the final index.html by merging it from two sources
> with a script

I don't understand what you are trying to do exactly, but it sounds a
bit like what I have done for my planet. It has the main part with all
the blogs, and a small news part with news about the subject from other
sources (so news articles and personal blogs are separate). This is done
with 2 config.ini's, the news config is run first and generates a simpel
file with a list of news headlines, and this file is included into the
main planet with TMPL_INCLUDE, so it is done by planet (through
htmltmpl). I use TMPL_INCLUDE a lot because I have several pages which
are generated (the main page, a day page, a week page and some more
fixed pages) which re-use the same templates.

My planet is this one: http://planeetgroenlinks.nl/ . Under "Nieuws:" on
the left you see the news and other blogs selection (google news,
technorati, etc). That part is generated as a seperate planet, and
included in the template of the main planet.

Kind regards,

Michel Klijmij

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