Authenticated feeds can't be cached in Windows

David Bowen David at MyForest.Com
Sun Feb 24 10:53:34 EST 2008

> There was a similar problem in the past, see

In fact I hit the same locked-tmplc-files problem on Windows as you did
back then - I just delete them on each run.

>I can understand wanting the filename to be readable, but using the hex
> of a hash of the URL is probably a better choice here.

I'm a fan of Jens' Thumbnail Managing Standard: . I've used it to solve just this
type of problem on a few projects. I can understand the desire for a
legible cache file name so I'll leave it for more informed folks to decide
what's appropriate for planet. Seeing as how the source is open, I can just
apply my own hacks - this makes me happy.

Thanks for your rapid response Baz.

David Bowen

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