Saving 1 generated file in a different output dir

Dave Levy david-levy at
Mon Feb 16 21:33:49 EST 2009

I have two ways to solve this problem

I use multiple directories to support multiple config.ini files, and so 
can have multiple output directories. I have written more about this,

I use a script to run and a cp command could be issued to move 
the file from the /var/www/planet to /var/www.

I know of no way the config file can be set to have your desired effect.

Frederic Muller wrote:
> Hi!
>  From the help file I read:
> # The following provide defaults for each template:
> # output_dir: Directory to place output files
> Now I am trying to figure out how to have one of those template file 
> output in a different directory (like they all go into /var/www/planet/ 
> and I would like one of them to go to /var/www/ ).
> Help welcome.
> Fred



David Levy

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