Matteo Calorio matteo.calorio at
Tue Sep 15 22:16:09 EST 2009

SR> The feed has a problem with the pubdates provided:
SR> In particular, no time zone information is present.

Thanks (also to Baz): I didn't know this site. I'll try to report this to
the webadmin.

SR>> 2. in Akregator I see the dates on which articles were downloaded from
SR>> original servers, but I would prefer to see the original article dates:
SR>> is it possible with some configuration?
SR> No.  If the dates can't be resolved, Venus will assign the current time.

Yes, but with the site above ( it seems it assigns 00.00 +timezone,
because all news are assigned 2.00AM even if I download them once an hour during
all the day...

Matteo Calorio

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