Trouble with ignore_in_feed

Sam Ruby rubys at
Wed Sep 23 05:04:38 EST 2009

Mikael Nilsson wrote:
> tis 2009-09-22 klockan 17:49 +0200 skrev Mikael Nilsson:
>> Using latest venus, I want to disable posts jumping to the top when
>> updated, so I found advise in an old post on this list, to set
>> ignore_in_feed: updated
>> in the [Planet] section.
>> While it seems to work (it disables the jumping), it also brings with it
>> a serious issue: All items in a newly added feed is given a time stamp
>> of "now", completely ignoring their published date as well. I don't
>> think that's the intention, and it's certainly not what I was
>> expecting. 
>> Is there a fix?
> So, if I understand the example
> correctly, the pubDate is mapped to "updated". What I *want* is for att
> Atom feeds to have their "updated" removed. What I get is that all RSS2
> feeds instead have their dates removed completely.
> I suppose the only way is to use ignore_in_feed exlusively for atom
> feeds (or other feeds that use the date of updates in pubDate or
> dc:date).

1) ignore_in_feed does not need to be done globally (i.e., in the 
[Planet] section), but can be done on a feed by feed basis.  You can see 
live examples in my planet:

2) If dates are ignored, Venus will instead track the first time it sees 
an entry (or item).

3) new_feed_items can be used to limit how many items are shown from any 
given feed -- this is particularly useful for new feeds either without 
dates, or without trustworthy dates (i.e., ones that you mark with 
ignore_in_feed: updated)

> /Mikael

- Sam Ruby

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