"unable to map to a URI" UTF-8 issue?

Mikael Nilsson mikael at nilsson.name
Fri May 21 16:24:25 EST 2010

In the new venus I also get a few

INFO:planet.runner:unable to map http://minamoderatakarameller.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default/-/%c3%b6vervakningssamh%c3%a4lle?alt=rss to a URI
INFO:planet.runner:unable to map http://missbesserwisser.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default/-/det%20Bodstr%C3%B6mska%20samh%C3%A4llet?alt=rss to a URI

somehow, venus complains on some of these URIs (using url-encoded utf-8
characters), but not all - and I can't see the pattern.   

For example, it does not complain about


It seems related to IRI interpretation. And regardless, it seems the feeds work in any case, in spite of the complaints.


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