New venus showing only random selection of posts [ errors]

Mikael Nilsson mikael at
Sat May 22 06:36:53 EST 2010

fre 2010-05-21 klockan 14:14 -0400 skrev Sam Ruby:
> Just to give an update.  What 304 means is that the content hasn't 
> changed.  This will often be the case if you run Venus again immediately 
> after you have just run it.
> Not all servers return this status, some simply return the same content 
> again, wasting their and your bandwidth, and requiring Venus to 
> reprocess the same content.

Yes, that is clear to me, and consistent with what happens. 

> Meanwhile, mbrubeck fixed a bug in link checking that would cause links 
> to be lost:
> I've pushed that fix out to my git of Venus.  If you could try it and 
> report back, I would appreciate it.

Right, that makes things a bit more consistent. As compared to my
previous runs, 

I *don't* get 

DEBUG:planet.runner:missing self link for
DEBUG:planet.runner:missing html link for

on the first run, *only* on the second run. As before, on the second run
onwards, my planet is empty with the above feed.


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